The Dilizhans Catering Company

Catering is an off-premise service for different companies and private persons. Not long time ago only narrow circle of professionals knew about catering. But nowadays catering market is formed and widely developed in Ukraine. Catering is not only family Banquet, ordered to ones home, but also thousands of contracts for serving city events.

Catering is an art of cooking delicious dishes, of beautiful decoration and of effective service at any place and time according to clients wish, and at the end of celebration, decently but with dignity, to take compliments. High level of culinary mastery along with successful organization, planning, efficiency, responsibility, ability to work in unacceptable environment and with love to what we do are the most important components of successful catering.

The Dilizhans Catering Company combines all these qualities successfully. It singles us out of other Kyiv companies. Ability to organize catering is real skill, associated with standards of nutrition and contemporaneity. Our vocation is to serve this skill, to impress with authors cuisine and high-level service, to remain true to high concept of hospitality, cookery and service.

Modern catering service is an effective mechanism of developing interrelation between company and its partners, clients. While organizing events on high level, the Dilizhans Catering Company (Kyiv, Ukraine) helps its clients to create and to maintain the image of successful companies and to achieve goals.

Catering in Ukraine strengthens its position of the most commonly used type of off-premise service. It is obvious that more and more people state the value of magnitude and necessity of catering.

You are planning to organize grandiose banquet, but even in the capital, there are only a few restaurants, which can contain more than 200 people. It is too crowded and stifling to celebrate jubilee in a restaurant, and country lawn beckons to make a dream of hearty feast among noisy top of trees become true. Your child asks for a living elephant for his birthday, we can organize a party straight in the Zoo

The Dilizhans Catering Company uses professional and creative potential, ability to hear out and to understand the clients wishes to create unforgettable events, according to your aspirations and expectations.

Innovation, responsibility, mobility, attention, artistic sense, delicious and healthy cuisine, unobtrusive service are the Dilizhans style built on clients trust, developed from experience and successful practice. Every organized event will surprise you with harmony of design and style, with high quality of service and constant presence of the staff, with individual menus and correspondence of price with quality. Harmony is our motto of your holiday.

The Dilizhans Catering Company offers all kinds of catering services: banquet, buffet, barbeque (picnic), smorgasbord (buffet), business-lunch, coffee-break, corporate tea. Innovation from the Dilizhans Catering Company in the sphere of corporate services is Work-party and Fresh-time that will surprise you with the event format, with caterers concern to serve only healthy food, and also guests participation in the process of cooking. All these will create easy and cheerful atmosphere on high level business events. Weddings are of great importance in catering services organization, where every detail is very important for customer. Dilizhans will convert them into crucial details of the catering professional teams work that enables you to relax while we are working.

Flowers have always been the model of holiday table. Floristics and phytodesign are an important part of table appointments and cosy holiday atmosphere.

Dilizhans will bring element of natural beauty into catering service of any kind, and also diversify table decoration with chocolate fountains, fruit palms, ice sculptures, confectionery masterpieces.

We do not stop at the achieved studying and applying catering service innovations in the world market, we offer you to become familiar with For Arts Eaters section, and youll have no doubts that cooking and serving food is art, and a table is canvas on which delicious paintings are created. The event where food is not served on the table but under it, is hidden in flower buds or fixed to eatable statues will impress the most sophisticated customers with unusual design and will become the subject of admiration and pleasant discussions. Food design and techno-gastronomy are relatively new and funny notions. Products and cooked dishes may have their modern and unique design. They taste the same but their original appearance gives them competitive benefit. The products become ergonomic, functional, interactive, communicative and visually rich. And the main thing is that the process of eating turns satiation into rapture.

More detailed description of the whole service range you will find in corresponding section of the website.

The Dilizhans Catering Company may become starting point for creating individual style of your event and professionally confirm your concept of ideal.