Catering provides off-premise service, full-service catering which is organized at time and place convenient to client. Catering service is flexible and mobile. Catering company serves corporative parties, presentations, anniversaries, weddings, graduation parties, various celebrations at any time and any place.

The Dilizhans Catering Company provides corporative, city, sport, public and private catering of any size, subject and status.

It’s important to us:

  • Competent banquet organization; we do not depend on trivial details
  • Staff transportation is guarantee of high-quality and unobtrusive service
  • We design subject style for holiday, it creates unique and easy atmosphere
  • Care of our clients is guarantee of mutual understanding, which helps to make your perfect holiday
  • Personal Menu and posterior Tasting is the undoubted trump of masterful chefs

High-speed age doesn’t sometimes grant us a respite. Take a break with us, allow our experts to take stress out of your holiday.