Services Corporate events organization

Corporate holidays are leisure pastime of the companys employees, their families, partners and clients which allows forming or strengthening their involvement with common cause in a relaxed atmosphere. They often appear to be instrumental in building up and training the collective.

The Dilizhans Catering Company offers a range of catering services for organization and holding of corporate events that are subdivided into the following kinds:

Inner corporate holidays are the important dates in the company life: the companys birthday, opening of the new departments, branches, professional holidays, etc. The aims of these events are to share the success with those who are involved in it.

Target corporate holidays are usually held off-season and have defined aims: determination of the collectives current mood, stress relief in the collective, consolidation, success motivation.

Image corporate holidays are the events aimed at making positive image among partners and clients.

Family corporate holidays are the events which unite not only employees of the company, but also their relatives.

Detailed competent planning of the event and delicate understanding of the corporate holidays goals enable you to relax while we are working.

Basic set of services from the Dilizhans Catering Company:

  • Place selection (art-galleries, show-rooms, museums, theatres, cinemas, concert halls, conference halls, country clubs, motor ships, reserves and Ukraines exotic places for active rest)
  • Interior design in accordance with the clients style preferences
  • Color design of the approved style (from the textile to the dessert-spoon)
  • Phytodecor, decoration with balloons, textile taking into account the subject of the holiday
  • Individual menu
  • Tasting
  • Personal project manager
  • Professional chefs, barmen and waiters
  • Music
  • Entertainment programs organization
  • Lease of tents, furniture, equipment, dishes and textile
  • Transportation

Corporate holiday organization is an indirect advert of stability, confidence and reliability of the company. The team of professionals from the Dilizhans Catering Company guarantees total-lot success of the event and will make your holiday memorable!

For more detailed information on reservation of corporate holiday, menu, discounts and the Dilizhans Catering services ask the information department or the company managers.