Services Field kitchen

Some subject holidays (the Motherland Defenders Day, Victory Day, Kiev Liberation Day, Kiev Day, Shrovetide, country festivals, funfairs and corporate holidays) require organization of the mobile kitchen able to feed up to 5000 people simultaneously.

The Dilizhans Catering Company offers organization of the most entourage eating area in the open air field kitchen.

Our services are:

  • Lease of specially-equipped field kitchen
  • Individual elaboration of the holiday scenario and menu
  • Lease of marquee and tent constructions
  • Area provision with necessary furniture, equipment, electricity
  • Staff in fancy-dress
  • Music

In field kitchen it is possible to cook a number of delicious dishes. A holiday with scarce ratio will hardly be to somebodys taste.

In seasonal menu from the chef there are:

  • Soldiers sole (mini-sandwiches with melted fat on a slice of brown bread)
  • Sauerkraut with onions
  • Salad Vinaigrette
  • Soldiers dream (home-made sausage, pork ribs, chicken wings, potato pancakes, jacket-potato)
  • Crucian fried with onions
  • Army knapsack (pancake bags with various fillings)
  • Field porridge (boiled buckwheat with tinned stewed meat)
  • Soldiers porridge (boiled pearl-barley with meat sauce)
  • Small loaves of home-made bread

Our goal in the field kitchen organization is to take you out of homeliness, to make you feel as a full soldier, to keep memories of a good time you had in harmony with tasty food and nature.

For more detailed information on the Field-kitchen reservation and the Dilizhans Catering services ask the information department or the company managers.