Services Classic Banquet

Banquet is the most ceremonial kind of celebration. Banquet combines noble textile and gorgeous tableware, subject decoration, masterful kitchen and excellent service. Add music and the Dilizhans Catering Company Banquet is a success!

The Dilizhans Catering Company organizes and provides such types of banquets as:

  • Banquet with full service
  • Banquet with partial service
  • Banquet and Buffet
  • Banquet Combined
  • Banquet -Cocktail
  • Banquet-Tea

Banquet with full service

This type of banquet is a celebration. Participants sit at the beautifully served table. Waiters bring food and drinks. Initially, there are no snacks, dishes and drinks on the tables.

Banquets usually take place after formal calls of foreign representatives and delegations, during international meetings and symposia, conferences, exhibitions, etc.

On this occasion the Dilizhans Catering Company chefs offer the most exquisite dishes or make personal menu with artistic styling and with respect to client’s preferences.

Banquet with partial service

This is the most common type of banquets during friendly meetings, anniversaries and weddings.

Placing of the guests at the table is usually free, but particular guests and hosts seat in the middle of the table. This banquet’s difference is partially laid tables, cold meals, snacks are served before the guests come. Gorgeous tableware, decor, flowers, candelabrum according to the subject of event is invariable.

The Dilizhans Catering Company menu includes large selection of cold meals, snacks and various drinks. If Banquet with partial service is held at lunch time, we offer a first course - soup. Hot meals and desserts are served according to schedule fixed in advance.

Banquet Buffet

Name "Banquet Buffet" comes from the French "a la fourchette" which means "fork". Basic cutlery during the meal is a snack fork.

Banquet Buffet is normally organized if you need to receive a large number of guests at a rather limited period of time. It might be a formal call, an anniversary, a family celebration or other festive occasions. Guests can choose places in the hall freely. They also choose meals and drinks placed on the table, eat and drink standing at the buffet table or near it. Cocktail tables add convenience and comfort.

Banquet Buffet Menu mostly contains appetizers and their range is much wider than in menus of other banquets. We offer to add the second course – hot dishes to the Banquet and Buffet Menu, they may be served like a fabulous Cookery Show.

Banquet Cocktail

Banquet Cocktail is organized to serve the participants of international symposia, conferences, congresses, negotiations and other meetings. Banquet Cocktail can receive a large number of guests in a rather small room. There are Business Banquet Cocktail and Banquet Cocktail. Business Banquet Cocktail lasts 40-50 minutes; it is organized during breaks at meetings, congresses, symposia. Banquet Cocktail lasts 1,5-2 hours. It is usually carried out at the end of meetings, sometimes in the open-air.

A typical feature of Banquet Cocktail is the absence of banquet tables, but there are lounge zones with comfortable sofas and low tables.

Banquet Cocktail Menu contains various very small snacks and a large selection of beverages.

The Dilizhans Catering Company offers to make use of special "Finger-food" menu. We can place a mobile bar, which allows not to impose the cocktail list on your guests.

Banquet Tea

Banquet Tea is organized in the afternoon. It lasts for not more than 2 hours. Bright tableware and colored decoration distinguish it from other banquets. Use of samovars and heated kettles sets free and easy pitch to the very business celebration.

The Dilizhans Catering Company Banquet Tea Menu contains airy confections (petit four), sweet pastry, home-made cookies, chocolate sculptures and fountains, self-cooking jam and magnificent tea and coffee sorts.

Combined Banquet

Combined Banquet usually consists of two or three banquets, for instance of Banquet Buffet and Banquet at the table with full service. Two adjoining halls are needed to organize this type of banquet. First, guests are invited to the first hall where buffet table is set and cold snacks and drinks are offered. Some time later guests are invited to the next hall served for Banquet at the table with full service.

Banquet at the table with full or partial service is usually organized; coffee and dessert are served up in another room. The Dilizhans Catering Company offers to serve tobacco products table and hookah room.

Learn more detailed information about Banquet reservation, Banquet Menu and the Dilizhans Catering services at information department or ask our managers.