Services Classic Buffet

The word "buffet" or "a la fourchette" means "fork" in French. This cutlery is the symbol and immutable attribute for every buffet.

Buffet doesnt demand excessive ingenuity as it has its own rules and specific aims. The main aim of buffet is nominal celebration. It implies snacks and, what is more, possibility to mix with its participants and guests.

The Dilizhans Catering Company organizes and realizes such buffet services as:

  • Cocktail-Buffet as the end of conferences and presentations
  • Lunch-Buffet is organized for companies parties or anniversaries
  • Business-Buffet is time limited, but its obligatory to observe etiquette
  • Private-Buffet is without restrictions and rules, by the clients requests

The aim of buffet is important for its management, according to which we make personal menu, design stylistics. Companys colors, ideas and subject of buffet are considered. The Dilizhans Catering Company Buffet menu contains more than 2000 culinary work items which emphasize the magnificence of European, Ukrainian, Italian, French, Japanese cuisines. Season and holiday menus renewal allows us to diversify frequent events and to make every order original.

Organizing events at high level, the Dilizhans Catering Company helps its client to create keep image of successful company. We achieve events goal without fail.