Services Classic BBQ

BBQ or Picnic is the most popular way to organize summer holiday, both for family and for company rest.

The Stage-couch Catering Company opens BBQ season when the first warm days come, and invite to take a break from urban bustle on ships and country ground of any size.

Fresh air, the smell of live fire and out-door cooked meals is the culinary image of out-of-town holidays. This season new menu from our chef:

  • Spit Roasted Partridge
  • Quail fried with mushrooms
  • Spit Roasted Gigot with sauce made of Moroccan spicery and seasoning
  • Roaster stuffed with buckwheat
  • Grilled Pork seasoned with anisetree, cardamom and rum
  • "Mediterranean" Grill-Station
  • Grilled Pink Trout, cooked with garden greensand lemon

Favorite dishes always remain in catering menu: mixed shashlik, kebab and grilled vegetables; pork steak, veal on a bone, chicken brisket with saffron, honey dew duck legs, fragrant fish-soup and large selection of cold snacks.

BBQ is a wonderful way to change everyday routine and organize free and easy holiday. These are nice memories and time spent in harmony with nature.

The Stage-couch Catering Company offers full range of services on organizing and carrying out country holidays:

  • Place selection (country clubs, courts, out-door museums, farmsteads and reserves)
  • Yacht and Ship Rent
  • Individual Scenario and Menu for your holiday
  • Cookery Show
  • Rentals (tents and their construction)
  • Essential furniture, equipment, electric power guarantee
  • Sport and Entertainment programs
  • Transportation

BBQ 2012 Season Specials from the Dilizhans Catering Company: a barrel of cold beer as a present.