Services Classic Bussines Lunch

English working lunch, which appeared in the XVIII-th century, began the well-known tradition of modern Business Lunch that has become the ideal variant of quick and inexpensive lunch on weekdays.

In the business life of the capital Business Lunch has become a traditional element of work etiquette.

Delivery of Business Lunch from the Dilizhans Catering Company is a good opportunity to combine a business meeting with a meal, to get to know your colleagues or partners better in an easy and friendly atmosphere. Our team organizes Business Lunch of any kind efficiently, and at the earliest possible date offers services of catering restaurant in your area.

Delicious cuisine and also the usage of professional equipment in food transformation, which keeps maximum freshness and the temperature conditions of cooked dishes, enable our customers to organize Business Lunch as an area for meetings and negotiations on a high level, which is to combine pleasant and useful.

The Business Lunch menu numbers over 400 items of cold collations, salads, first courses and trimmings, pastry and desserts, cold and hot drinks. Season’s offers from the chef will bring variety and a vitamin cocktail in daily ratio.

The Ukrainian cuisine is a special offer for foreign guests and admirers of tasty and nourishing food. The taste richness, culture and traditions are the main ingredients of Ukrainian dishes from the chef.

A competently organized Business Lunch may become an impulse for the achievement of good results in business communication, appeals to take the strain off or to be a good reason for making friends.

Organizing events on a high level, the Dilizhans Catering helps its customers create an individual style of every event, the atmosphere of ease, cosiness and comfort.

For more detailed information on Business Lunch reservation or the Dilizhans Catering services ask иthe information department or the company managers.