Services Classic Corporate Tea

Corporate Tea entails conferences, workshops, trainings, master-classes and briefings. It releases tension in business communication creating comfort and ease. Unlike Coffee Breaks, Corporate Tea is organized not only during the breaks but also during the business conversation itself.

We start our day with a cup of animating tea, invite to tea, and finish big meal with it, too. Corporate Tea is indispensable for less formal discussion of plans and ideas dilute with positive emotions and easy conversations. Tea-drinking can be made a real holiday if one knows the essentials about it and is creative about its preparation process.

The Dilizhans Catering offers service on tea ceremonies organization and holding. This poetic and beautiful process brings enjoyment with the dry tea aroma, the sound of boiling water, the warmth of a cup in your hands, the taste of a brewed drink and the beauty of tripped leaves.

In the tea-list menu there are most favorite sorts of black, green, red and yellow tea from benchmark importer companies. Fresh-baked pastry, sweets, fruit, honey and jam will refresh you and fill the event with cosiness and comfort.

For more detailed information on Corporate Tea reservation or the Dilizhans Catering services ask the information department or the company managers.