Services Classic Smorgasbord

Traditional smorgasbord has been recently transformed from ascetic choice of dishes into abundance of colorful appetizers, salads and sweets originally decorated and set on the buffet table. This simple, but at the same time great Swedes’ invention has become a popular kind of holding big events.

Dilizhans Catering Company organizes and serves smorgasbord and salad-bar.

The Dilizhans smorgasbord is:

  • Advanced technology and equipment which allow to offer a great number of dishes and forms of serving with minimal requirements to the place where the event is held
  • Food and drinks from certified delivers
  • Well-qualified staff of chefs, waiters, barmen, managers and decorators provide high standards and quality of restaurant service
  • Clear and debugged event organization system which allows to minimize the time of preparatory part in the area
  • Dishes, furniture, textile and table appointments are of high standards and latest tendencies in the sphere of guest service.

Trust the experience of Dilizhans in realization of your delicious ideas!

For more detailed information on the order of smorgasbord and salad-bar from the Dilizhans Catering Company ask the information department or the company managers.