Services Faerie Fresh-time (Raw food eating)

Raw food eating is a special form of vegetarianism which propagandizes eating dairy-vegetable food without cooking it. This diet is considered to make it possible for nutrients to be digested in its primary form, while during thermal processing and contact with the dish surface the products energy value is reduced.

The concept of raw food eating is based on the idea that while eating raw vegetable food a person directly digests solar power stored in plants. Fire is destroying, and food cooked on it is biologically imperfect.

Is raw food eating fashion or vital necessity?

Analyzing consumer market and getting a lot of orders for fresh and healthy food, the Dilizhans Catering Company offers services in working out and organization of unusual and tasty event called Fresh-time. This type of guest service implies cooking in front of the guests, so-called order from under the knife. The team of professional chefs at the table beautifully set with a number of vegetables, raw fish, veal, salads, greens, nuts and fruit will make cookery masterpiece on your recipe in seconds. Individual approach to menu development and the subject of the event, cookery show and opportunity for guests to take part in working out their recipes of salads, appetizers, sauces, fresh juices, mixes, carpacho create light holiday atmosphere.

Unusual dishes made from natural bamboo will give the party special charm. To make the table decoration more delicate, dishes are served on exotic leaves, flower petals, in paper envelopes or wicker works.

Fresh-time is a reason to saturate your organism with natural vitamins and minerals which purify it and give you the feeling of satiation.

The Dilizhans Catering Company invites you to taste nature gifts in the format of Fresh-time. Our quality, innovation and creativity are your success and individuality.

For more detailed information on the Fresh-time reservation and the Dilizhans Catering services ask the information department or the company managers.