Services Faerie Barmen-show

Original tricks on a holiday are always funny and spectacular!

Barmen-show is relatively new but unusual performance in the sphere of entertainment services. Bar art in disco or free style using jugglery, acrobatic tricks, fire and pyrotechnics elements is an original zest of any holiday.

The Dilizhans Catering Company offers services in organization of an unforgettable show from the best Kiev barmen. Creative approach to working out the holiday scenario and involving guests in the process of making cocktail masterpieces will set the pitch and abruptness of the party.

At your service there are:

  • Mobile bar
  • Bar equipment, dishes, accessories
  • Staff in fancy-dress
  • Barmen performance (flaring)
  • Making of exotic and classic cocktails
  • Working out of name, corporate cocktails
  • Ice-show ( dishes of ice, illuminated ice sculptures, colorful and figured ice for drinks)
  • Pyramids of champagne, cocktails
  • Fountains for drinks
  • Children’s bar

The enchanting performance during which we demonstrate the highest level of barmen art to the public – making of the party Mega-cocktail with various tricks and freestyle elements – may be the original culmination of your holiday!

Barmen-show is complex work of professional barmen, ready to make your holiday brightly-colored and unforgettable.

For more detailed information on the Barmen-show scenario reservation and the Dilizhans Catering services ask the information department or the company managers.