To Art-Eaters

"Deep inside every person there is a creative power, which is able to find what should be and which wont let us have a moments peace until we express it outside us this or that way"


The Dilizhans Catering Company offers to plunge into a new kind of design - food design, to invert current concept of food, to show something you havent noticed before and to look freshly at foodstuffs, cooking and table design. Quite exotic word "food-design" conceals a very fascinating and exciting process of creating unusual and exclusive culinary masterpieces.

A proper revolution happened in the area of high cuisine. Culinary was considered to be the area, in which nuance was a point- a shade more spices, a shade less butter. Our chefs are the engineers of taste. To become a memorable eating object, food for them must become a beautiful piece.

In the Art-Eaters Menu from the Dilizhans Catering Company standard canapes and skewers, table-linen and flatware fell out of race. "Food in frills", which is in perfect harmony with itself, took their stand. Confectionery is one of the most convenient places for food design. Chocolate, pastry, caramel, baking associate with pleasure and must look inviting. In our menu there are the most delicious tasty treats. Jam with biscuit-thimble instead of spoon can be served with tea, to pin canape on a skewer as a "cockerel on a stick", to serve meal not on the tables but to fasten it to the walls. Organic materials for serving and laying the table perfectly blend with aesthetic of wealthy and natural food, and fill with energy from the authors cuisine.

Amaze yourselves and your friends with a new approach to a food intake. Live beautifully with the Dilizhans Catering Company.

For more detailed information on menu specificity and serving variants ask the information department by the phone number +38 (067) 444 52 52.